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Web Dev. and Design

Catered To Care

Well! Almost every business has their website developed, nowadays. On average, business website doesn’t meet the requirements for online presence set by Google.
Having said that, a good quality website design increases brand reputation and image.

Your Website And Your Host Server

Something Worth To Consider

Having a proper host AKA. Your web hosting server is very basic and important. Cheap hosting are available everywhere, processes are pretty simple to get a shared hosting.
But is it worth it??
We recommend you to choose VPS Hosting, a bit expensive on your pocket but totally worth it.

How Much Will It Cost?

Plans And Pricing

We have a bunch of options for you, if you are interested in getting a website and VPS Hosting, you can select one of the following options.


Fluid Wesbite

Having a website is more likely, a ‘Face’!
How’s that!!??
Because it represents one’s business profile and business services.

But unfortunately, small business owners or managers are having difficult times facing these unfavorable situations regarding online presentation of their businesses, a.k.a websites, social media, ETC.
In fact, most visitors jump off from websites when they find inappropriate or untrustworthy site content which doesn’t provide useful information and experience to visitors.
Even! color, graphics, designing, fonts also impact visitor behavior whether to stay online or bounce off from the site.
Visitors leaving the site, triggers ‘bounce rate’ (see bounce rate) which is another de-ranking factor directly associated with the website, which eventually affects business.

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