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best web design solutions agency in toronto

best web design agency in Toronto

Well! Today in Canada and America, almost each business have their website developed.

Each business needs best web design solutions for online presence.

Having a good and quality website design increases brand reputation and image.


web design solutions featured plans

Small Business Web

Per Project Price

MAX 6 Pages
C$90 Premium Theme
Mobile Optimized
Google Maps
Mailing List Pugin
Contact Form
Sliders and Backgrounds
Elegant Fonts
Social Media Sharing
One Time Revision
SEO Ready
FREE SSL cert. (inc.)
Additional Page $200
Lifetime Support

Mid Corporate Web

Per Project Price

All Previous Features
MAX 12 Pages
Custom Premium Fonts
Premium Font Icons
Premium Plugins
Google Analytics
My Business Page
Social Plugins
Multiple Revisions
Two Times Revisions
SEO Ready
Local Search Optimization
FREE SSL cert. (inc.)
Additional Page $200
Lifetime Support

Large Corporate Web

Per Project Price

All Previous Features
MAX 18 Pages
Custom Designs
Blog Set-up
E-commerce Availability
Fully Customized Features
Google Analytics
Google Tag Manager
Facebook Pixel Integration
Multiple Revisions
SEO Ready
Slider Revolution
Premium Yoast SEO
FREE SSL cert. (inc.)
Additional Page $150
Lifetime Support

Enterprise Level Web

Contact Us

Thing Is

**All packages have a fixed price tag, but you can add additional services on top


Hey folks, we are, team Shardia Solutions, operating as a best web design agency in Toronto and Vancouver and other parts in GTA Ontario, GVA Bristish Columbia and North America.

We brought you this useful piece of content, that will give an insight about what is happening in today's market of website development.

an agency with web design solutions vs. freelancers

A truth to know!

Now, as we were discussing about good and quality websites. You can see our full website portfolio.

These days, due to the high demand of small business websites has grown over the time which results in low quality web design solutions and web development services.

Eventually, market went into rush and mostly web freelancers keep on providing less mobile optimized, slow websites and user experience/interface compromised websites to clients.

Websites that gives ugly look to its visitors, is deemed to consider NOT trustworthy and less important.

For SEO and UX purposes (please see SEO), the website which is not providing value to a user is definitely, unacceptable by Google algorithms (2018 Google Algorithms updates) and its penalization is confirmed (see article by Kissmetrics)!


how does website user interface design should looks like!

the face!

Having a website is more likely, a 'Face'!

How's that!!??

Because its representing ones business profile and business services.

But unfortunately, small business owners or managers having difficult times facing these unfavorable situations regarding online presentation of their businesses, a.k.a websites, social media, ETC.

In fact, most visitors jump off from websites when they found inappropriate or untrustworthy site content which ain't provide useful information and experience to visitors.

Even! color, graphics, designing, fonts also impacts visitor behavior whether to stay online or bounce off from the site.

Visitors leaving site, triggers 'bounce rate' (see bounce rate) which is another de-ranking factor directly associated to the website, which eventually effects business.


whats in need today?

watching trends

Day after day, people keep migrating themselves on internet and going digital i.e by developing websites, web applications, smartphone apps development, which provide value to user.

Now, looking up at increasing demand of web and taking notice of the dire need of online presentation.

Therefore, Shardia Solutions brought a complete web design solutions package that gives best online user experience to visitors that boost sales, CTR, visitors, ETC.

With affordable website packages, we have different options to choose from, depending on your business nature or selection of choice.


web design solutions... continuing!

last words here

Moreover, our team is dedicate to each of our web design solutions services we offer; whether its local business website or corporate website, long time contract or short-period contracts.

Everything lies on the priority to provide with the best user experience ever both physically, socially and internetically (Ummm! never-mind).

We'll see you as our Client, soon.


let us work for you!