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logos that reflects your business

At Shardia Solutions, we believe in creative logo designs.

We believe that, each business logo should reflects the business primary service.

Having creative logo designs, gives ones brand a stand-alone effect and make difference in local business community.

We have a passion of creating on-demand custom logo design, small business logos and corporate logo design, according to client consent and needs.


and Counting..... More creative logo designs will be uploaded soon!

custom logo design pricing

logo design pricing

Basic Logo



1 Basic Logo Design Concept
1 Revision Available
Simple Creativity
1 Designers On Project
Web Logo (inc)
Lifetime Backup File

Creative Logo



2 Creative Design Concepts
2 Revision Available
101 Brainstorm
2 Designers On Project
Front-Back Business Card
Web Logo (inc)
Lifetime Backup File

Elite Logo



3 Elite Logo Design Concepts
3 Revision Available
Full-Time Brainstorm
3 Designers On Project
Front-Back Business Card
Letterhead - Envelop - Pamphlet
Web Logo (inc)
Lifetime Backup File

explaining; how we make creative logo designs

by seeing the business name

Initially, we consider looking at the business nature and services, e.g. if a business that providing services like, lets say, "manicure services".
More specifically as, nail art designs services.

Well, at this point, we got an opportunity to create some logo that represents brand primary service.

So for example, in this creative business logo "Awesome Acrylics", we created something like this.
creative-logo-designsAs the name suggests, 'acrylics' which usually assorted with paints or acrylic lubricants. With that thing in mind, we can put a design that looks like paint drips.

Moreover, by interpreting word 'awesome' into designing language, we put forth a colorful and vibrant logo design idea, that gives WOW effect to our client.

Now we have completed the logo concept and finalized the design (see our 5 steps of logo design).
It's time present it to the client, and luckily, the client has no objection with this,... yeah, and the job well done!

creative logo designs: part 2

another logo design example

We had a client recently, that manages and run business as 'electronics repair shop'.

We got into deal to provide creative logo designs and business stationery design services.

As we know the business name, that refers to electronic repairs. We, then, gather for brainstorming.
Our graphic designers and artists spends almost one business day (8 hours) to work and produce this logo.

Luckily, again; there is no complaint or objection from client regarding this logo design concept.
When we were doing research, we came up with idea to assimilate the look of electronic circuit board into logo.

We also want to take care of the typography in logo; which is apparently readable as 'AKE - All Kind Electronics'.

Again, we produced the master piece logo, that totally reflects business primary activity.

explaining; how we create custom logo design

by understanding business nature

Now, sometimes; client', name there businesses as their first legal name, e.g. J. Smith.

With that name, it's hard to guess what kind of business is 'J. Smith'; right!!??

Then, what we do?
It's obvious, we have to look at the client business primary service what they offers or sells.

For example, 2 years back in 2016, we provided graphic design services to our esteemed client named as "Nady's".

At this point we didn't know, what kind of business is that!

But when we had the complete understanding of client' business, we came up with creative logo concept like this;

As apparently, we created and put a bunch of hair accessories in a logo to show the business nature and primary service.
By the way, it's name is 'Nady's Hair Salon', Cheers...

Shardia's creative logo designs concept can easily convey message to visitors, that, what would be the business is deemed to be!

Corporate Logo Design!

Simple and subtle, yet creative

At this point, we wanna say, that corporate logo design, are much more sophisticated, elegant looking and professional.

And thus, we don't want to move boundaries of elegance too much; since, we stick firm with the 'elegant part' of the corporate logo design, yet we provide simple and cool looking logos.

We'll see you as our Client, soon.

let us work for you!

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